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  • Welcome to PathFinder Global School

    We make Kids education
    easier & fun

  • Welcome to PathFinder Global School

    School prepares you
    for the real world
    which also bites.

  • Welcome to PathFinder Global School

    In school you learn
    how to learn

A Friendly school having proud of their students

Welcome to Path Finder Global School

The Pioneer Educational Institute - Shaheed Smarak College for Women has played an important role in the sphere of women education since 1966. Thousands of students are well settled in their life after getting education from this college. With the blessings of Late Sh. H.L. Bansal Pathfinder Global School Rampura Phul is being opened from 2018-19.

A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.

~ Erma Bombeck

Learning Environment

We believe the most important aspect in a safe and positive learning environment is the rapport between a teacher and his or her students.

Professional Teachers

A teacher must pay attention when building the self esteem of each and every student, while transfering the knowledge to the students.


Happy Students

School Facilities

EveryDay Care for your Children ...

Welcome To Pathfinder Global School Where Classrooms Are Filled With Knowledge That Blossoms Buds Into Flowers.

Happy Children , Happy Parents

We give our children a learning environment & contribute to their success!

Aims & Objectives

  • To bring out and nurture the potential of each child.
  • To develop scientific aptitude.
  • To inculcate healthy spirit of competition among students.
  • To provide computer literacy to each child through smart classes.
  • To create awareness to protect and preserve our environment.
  • To inculcate a sense of pride to be an Indian.
  • To Respect our traditions and cultural values.
  • To instill reverence for the motherland.
  • To train the children to contribute positively at all levels.
  • To encourage children to explore through experimental activities.